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Serengeti Safari Tours offer the best of the true African safari, drive through a day and the vastness of Serengeti National Park will impress. Choose to stay a longer Serengeti Safari, and the magnificence and raw powers of natures rhythms will begin to work their magic and take an inescapable hold. Serengeti National Park is easily Tanzania's most famous National Park, among the famous resident wildlife you should expect to see on your Serengeti Safari tour are the wildebeests, of which there are over one million, and their annual migration is the peak of a Serengeti Safari. In addition to the wildebeests, Serengeti National Park Safari encompasses closeup encounters with lions, cheetahs, zebras, elephants and giraffes and much more. For many making the long journey seeking a Serengeti Safari Tour, combining the safari with another one of Africa's bucket list adventures can be well worth it.

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