serengeti balloon safaris

Serengeti Balloon safaris are a perfect way to explore the Serengeti, it is a  truly remarkable experience as you float above the wilderness of the Serengeti in the background of the rising sun, heading whichever direction the winds take you. It’s a real treat that lasts about an hour before descending to your champagne breakfast in the bush. There are about three Serengeti Balloon safari operating aggregators; to include a balloon safari, you can request your Serengeti safari operator to handle the booking for you and an extra activity to couple up to your Serengeti Safari.  The price of a Serengeti hot air balloon safari is USD 599 per person. This price is inclusive of the 1-hour balloon flights, USD 40 TANAPA ballooning fee, pickup and drop off from your accommodation to the landing sight, taxes, and the champagne breakfast in the bush.

Serengeti Balloon safaris are only operated in the Central and Western Serengeti, therefore, you will need to overnight at one of the lodges or camps in central Serengeti (Serena Lodge, Seronera Wildlife Lodge, Sopa Lodge, Mbuzi Mawe Camp, or any central Serengeti campsite) or one of the Western Corridor accommodations (Grumeti River Camp, Kirawira Camp, Mbalageti Camp). Book ahead by getting in touch with our safari experts at Masai Mara Holidays Ltd

Hot Air balloon Serengeti Experience

Your preparation for the Serengeti hot air balloon safari starts at 5:30 in the morning, you should be up for a steaming hot coffee and tea before departing accommodation by 6:00 am for a short night game drive to where the Serengeti hot air balloons were being filled. Moments later, we lift above the plains of the Serengeti Plains for the ride of a lifetime. Silently viewing the game from the perfect vantage point, we brush the tops of giant acacia trees for close-up views of birds’ nests and baboons. Most animals take little notice, but somehow the hippos always know we are there. Maybe it was the shadow or the occasional firing of the burners necessary to keep us aloft.

Serengeti Hot Air balloon safari pilots are entertaining and knowledgeable individuals of the ecosystem we fly over and endeavor to point out a variety of large birds flying alongside us and plains game, as well as other wildlife species. Should your travel dates be in line with the Serengeti migration months, we have the opportunity to see part of the Great Serengeti Migration from the air, a much more awesome sight indeed!

The balloon safari Serengeti landing is an event in itself. About an hour after lift-off, our pilot makes a perfect crash landing. Most landings are “crash landings,” so ensure to follow our pilot’s instructions and join in the fun. Minutes later, a champagne breakfast appears on the open savannah within a clear view of herds of wildebeest, buffalo, and zebra which marks the end of our Serengeti balloon safari.

Our return to camp is yet another exciting game drive, only a little bumpier than the trip out. Hot-air balloon safaris are available in Serengeti National Park in the Seronera area, the Western Corridor and seasonally in the south. These can also be witnessed in Tarangire National Park in Tanzania.

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