About Masai Mara Holidays Ltd

Masai Mara Holidays Limited is a renowned Safari Company that operates in East Africa. With registered ground offices in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda, we have been offering authentic East African experiences to countless tourists over the years. Our aim is to continue to improve our services while prioritizing customer satisfaction and the wellness of our employees.

At Masai Mara Holidays Ltd, we design safari holidays to fit single travelers, small groups, families, or larger groups. Our unique tailor-made safari holidays feature wild adventures, game drives, the migration, mountain treks, cultural encounters, gorilla and chimpanzee trekking experiences, experimental one on one Researcher Safaris, bird watching safari holidays, weekend trips, special combined adventure safari holidays, and highly adventurous holidays to East Africa’s best wildlife destinations. We offer expert advice, quality service, and guidance to our travelers to achieve their goals and dream safaris that cherish their time in Africa with memories that last a lifetime.


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Our Values

  • High-quality and personalized services to all our guests
  • Prompt communication upon your correspondence receipt
  • Delivering options and solutions to our guests’ requirements
  • Professionalism through trained personnel charged with efficiency and effectiveness
  • We pride ourselves in honesty, trust, and integrity in service delivery
  • We are committed to preserving our environment and promoting our diverse culture and traditions
  • We always listen to your requirements and we are always there for you whenever you need us
  • In addition, we can arrange a multitude of requests to make your safari experience more enjoyable. We can cater to special dietary needs including, but not limited to Jain (traditional Indian vegetarian) and Kosher foods. Transportation can be arranged such as charter flight travel, private helicopter services, and can accommodate you in the utmost luxury hotels and lodges across East Africa and beyond

Meet The Team

We have a competent staff with individuals that have been involved in the industry at various levels including tourism management, Customer Services, Tours & Travel operations, we passionately strive to ensure that our clients receive outstanding service. We are able to offer a selection of products to suit each individual’s preference without compromising our world-class standards.


Daniel – Reservations Manager


Surat – Tour Manager


Charles & Our Happy Guests – Senior Safari Guide


David & Our Happy Guest – Senior Safari Guide


Ben – Senior Safari Guide


Robin – Senior Safari Guide

We pride ourselves on providing high-quality and personalized services to all our guests. Our staff is dedicated, efficient, friendly, and knowledgeable, and we listen to your requirements and are always there for you whenever you need us. Moreover, we are committed to preserving our environment and promoting our diverse culture and traditions. Our love for Africa motivates us to take part in preserving the environment, natural resources, and African culture.

Our Safari Land Cruisers are equipped with all possible safety features, fire extinguishers, First Aid kits, and seat belts. They have specially designed fuel tanks that allow economical use of diesel during long journeys. All our vehicles are fitted with necessary safari equipment, safari fridge, powered by the car battery, for keeping your drinks cold and refreshing.

Lastly, we operate tours that aim at promoting friendly environmental impact and benefit the local African Communities. At Masai Mara Holidays, we take pride in our competent staff whose mission is to make your tour the best vacation ever by offering insights on the region’s history, geography, wildlife, and cultural traditions. Our drivers/safari guides are professional local experts while our tour leaders are knowledgeable, caring, informative, and insightful.